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Where Are They Now?

Al Chaney's N7584 (and me)!

It's now owned by Kermit Weeks of Florida !

Allen Thomas Chaney.

1933 - 2005

Captain Al left us in his sleep on Aug. 21, 2005. He died at the home of his ex-wife and long time friend, Myra Chaney,
while in hospice care. His obituary is posted on the Ford Tri-Motor Yahoo Group. It is too long and too full of many kind
words to be quoted here. Al spent his entire life, with the exception of a stint in the Army, active in aviation. In later years he
toured the country with his beloved Ford Tri-Motor trying to return some of the magic and adventure of early aviation
to the youth (and adults) of the country.

This site will be dedicated to his memory for as long as the site exists. Tailwinds forever, Al!

Hello! In publishing this list, I am hoping to make available current information as to just where these fine old airplanes are reposing (or FLYING!) now. The published list was correct as of the last update; however, I realize that things are constantly changing. I am counting on you readers to E-mail me regarding needed corrections or updates.

(To speed you on your search for your tri-motor of interest just click on the N number in this list.)

It flies!N8419- RAAF-N414H-


N7501V- N750RW-


This great picture, received on 9/8/05, is by Robert Burns, a frequent contributor to AvWeb's Picture of the Week. He took this shot at Oshkosh 2005. You might want to know he was in just the right place at the right time and was on the ground. They are not as close as they look in their follow-the-leader procession as Bob shot with a 600mm lens on a digital camera. Bob has granted permission to use a couple of other pictures which will appear below with the identified airplane. This shot was cropped a bit by me to delete some blue sky.

Most of the pictures below you will have to click for but this one was too good to miss so it will appear this way for a while. From front to rear the airplanes are Ford N414H, Bushmaster N7501V, and Ford N8407.

In 1991 I flew as co-pilot on Tri-Motor N7584 from Sandusky, Ohio to Santa Monica with Capt. Al Chaney who was (and will possibly remain) the last of the true barnstormers. My criteria for this statement are:

  • Works at it year-round
  • Lives on the airport with his airplane
  • Selects a new field about the same time he leaves one (often while in flight).
  • Does all of his own fueling and whatever maintenance is legal.
  • Does his own PR.

I spent several summers traveling with Capt. Al in the late '80s, early '90s. Some of our flying adventures are detailed in my:

"Adventures With Al."(click here)

I have just published (October 2009) a new book entitled "Chasing the Goose" detailing some of the adventures of this barnstorming trip. To see the book, read an excerpt, and place orders go here.. Two others of my books (Nutt Avenue, The Right Way Two) may be seen if you go to the upper right of that page and type the book names into the search block provided.

And Here's Where They Are !

The pattern I will follow is: S/N, Tail No., Model, first flight, first owner, present owner/location.
The airplanes are in order by S/N, first the -4ATs and then the -5ATs.

  1. 10-N1077-4ATB-Sept. 1927-Yellowstone Aviation, Inc, Jackson, WY. Registered 8/20/96 (FAA and AIRPAC Plane cd info) Information received on Feb. 20, 2001 from Greg Herrick of Yellowstone, and owner of that airplane, is that it is being rebuilt by Maurice Hovius in Vicksburg, MI. (See N7584 below for photos in the shop). This Photo received May 27, 2004 shows the A/C out of the shop and on its gear. Now just add wings and fly! Greg owns a large number of beautifuly restored "Golden Age" aircraft many of which are on display at "The Golden Wings Museum" in Blaine, Minnesota (near the Twin Cities). They may be viewed by photo here. Many of these rare aircraft are available to visit various airshows and other functions.
    Greg may be reached at 651-638-8400 (at his catalogue company, Historic Aviation) or through the National Air Tour.

    National Air Tour, 2003. The Tour has been successfully completed with only a few minor deviations caused by Hurricane Isabel. It was a real thrill to watch all these "Golden Oldies" pull into Richmond and line up on the ramp for refueling. I was priviledged to meet Greg Herrick and to talk with a number of the pilots. It was a further thrill to park at the departure end of the runway and to watch three Tri-Motors take off in sequence - a Ford, a Stinson, and a Bushmaster. Hearing all those old round engines was great!
    A listing of all planes and pilots may be found by clicking here.

    Greg has recently posted a web site which details progress of restoration of 4AT-10 as well as the historical record of this airplane which is fast approaching flying status. Well, not SO fast, really, as he also sent a picture of the airplane on its wheels being towed backwards down the road by a John Deere. And just today, July 5, 2004, Greg forwarded photos of the A/C, engines running and wings on. Also a photo of the panel emphasizing the beautiful control wheels. These latest photos courtesy of Tod Anderson. Could 1077 fly into Oshkosh in a month?

    Learned (6/20/05)that the airplane is temporarily at AZO (Kalamazoo) having a few mods made in time to go to Oshkosh. These include: bathroom (complete with running water and hole in bottom) plus a center engine exhaust mod. There will be 3 or 4 Fords at Oshkosh plus 5 or 6 other Tri-Motors. Great photo op.

    I learned from Greg (19 May 2008) that the airplane was in Hamilton, Ont., enroute to a filming sequence for the new movie "Amelia" featuring Hillary Swank as Amelia. Richard Gere is her co-star. Filming will take place near Dunnville.

  2. 15-NX4542-4ATB-1928-Ford Motor Co.-Ford Museum, Dearborn (Byrd's South Pole airplane) (not in FAA records) Viewed this airplane in August, 2002. I never thought I would say this but this big airplane is almost lost in the vastness of the Ford museum in Dearborn, MI. If you go there allow a day to see the museum and a second day to see the adjacent Greenfield Village. In the museum you can see other airplanes and, in the restoration shops, the Tri-Motor Fokker, the "Josephine Ford", the first airplane to fly over the North Pole. Photo

  3. 38-N7584-4ATB-Jan. 1928-Robertson Aircraft, St Louis-Sold by Al Chaney to Kermit Weeks Oct. 6, 1991. Registered 10/28/91. Badly damaged in Florida by hurricane Andrew, fall of 1992. Now in Vicksburg, Mich.(near Kalamazoo) for repair by Maurice Hovious. Mr.Hovius showed the author and his wife through his shops in Sept. 1998. The workmanship on the rebuild is superb. Wooden parts such as control wheels and window frames are true works of art and would grace any (aviator's) coffee table. There are a number of July 20, 2001 photos of the rebuild available on Yahoo, including the wicker seats (click Yahoo at bottom of page). There are structural parts of several other Fords in his storage yard.
    June 9, 2004. John Rees recently supplied these updated links to some great pictures he took in Vicksburg at the Hov-Aire shops. They are here and here . Some of these shots show work being done on N1077 (see above).
    John also has an aerial photo of all the islands serviced by the Fords (photos are by John Rees). This island photo may be purchased from John Rees by following directions on the site.
    The writer was in Mr. Hovius' shops in August 2002. The airplane is in temporary limbo pending some decisions by the owner as to how to finish the interior. A few current photos have been added. (1), (2), (3), (4).
    For some great photos of a really splendid model of N7584, as posted by John Rees of Ohio, go to this site. Also see the real N7584 in flight. Flight Photo.

    This photo shows the A/C just after the hurricane..

    This interesting bit of history came to me recently from Terry Shields who flew for Island Airways in 1974-76. Stories like his are legion and would make a grand historical book to complement Bill's Ford Tri-Motor book. How about it Bill?
    "In the summer of 1976 the Ford lost power on two engines just after takeoff from Put-In-Bay. They circled around and tried to get it back on the runway but hit some trees and crashed in the airport tie down area. The center fuel tank broke loose after takeoff due to turbulence and bent fuel lines to two of the engines. The pilot (Dave Martin) was injured and spent several months in the hospital. There were two passengers, one suffered minor injuries and was released the same day.
    The aircraft looked a total. One wing was busted off and the cabin was beat up pretty bad. The aircraft was taken to Kalamazoo and restored. It was there for a couple of years. I went to work for Connie Kalitta out of Detroit a couple weeks after the crash. Didn't really keep track of the Ford after that."

    Word from Alex Hamelink in an email dated 11 Sept. 2009 is that the A/C is progressing but has a long way to go. They hope to fly it the middle of 2010. A lot depends on a final configuration as set by Kermit Weeks. The A/C is a bare airframe for which corrugated metal is still being made.

  4. 42-N7684-4ATB-Sept. 1928 (Now re-licensed as NC9610).-All major components on-hand. Previously owned by Al Chaney. Now owned by Greg Herrick (see the 2003 National Air Tour Website. Greg was the prime mover involved in the tour planning). 8/24/02. Basic components of this airplane now repose in Mr. Hovius' "back yard". Mr. Herrick plans to have the airplane rebuilt by Maurice Hovius. Photo.This word received from L. Blyly who visited Maurice on 11/29/06 "Work is progressing on N-7684. Wing is being built at present, as well as the horizontal stabilizer and rudder. They are very friendly and informative. Took some pictures with my 35mm, so sometime in 2007 we'll find if they are worthwhile". Greg's other Ford is NC-1077, S/N 10 (see above). As of July 14, 2008, the airplane has reached the stage where the paint scheme (livery) is getting lively discussion on the Ford Yahoo group. Once that is decided we hope to post the info here.

    It was learned from Greg on July 10, 2008 that some thought is being given to using this airplane (S/N 42) to recreate some of Harold Johnson's old routines. Wow, are low-level loops, spins, and rolls coming in our future? Grandson Dwight Johnson seems to approve of the idea.

    Also thanks to Alex Hamelink (see above) this A/C is nearing completion. Here are his words: "N7684 was much more complete, is was just painted in the traditional Ford blue with large 'Ford' titles. It has a strengthened wing-structure because they intend to loop it 17 consecutive times next year at Oshkosh (an attempt to equal the record for looping a Ford set in the 1930's, see"

    Good Ford info and pics on the website he mentions. Harold Johnson's spin from 400 feet !!! is truly amazing.

    In a press release dated Oct. 21, 2010, it was reported that the airplane had been completed (by Hov-Air and MW Aviation of Vicksburg) and had flown successfully on Oct. 13. Greg has received the o.k. to re-license the airplane as NC9610, the number it had when flown by Harold Johnson. NC9610 has been re-engined with 450hp P&Ws which should provide plenty of zip for the much-anticipated airshow performances. So for you who track such things get out your erasers and pencils and magically transform N7684 into its new number, NC9610.

  5. 46-N7861-4ATB-Union Electric, St. Louis-Pensacola Navy Museum (not in FAA records) This bit of info received from Neil Elliot in Nov. 2006. "Number 5 on your list, the one at the Pensacola Navy Museum, was donated by my parents. Dad used to fly it to airshows all the time. The one I remember best was "Wings and Wheels" in Santee, S.C. When we had it, it was based at PBI. The tail number then was NC 7861. If you like, I know I can provide all kinds of photos."

  6. 55 -N9612-4ATE-1929-Mamer Flying Service, Spokane, WA- Owned by a Dolph Overton trust (of which the Trustee is Robert W. Cobb, Chevy Chase, Md.) Bulk of the rebuild project has been removed from the Va. Aviation Museum and returned to the control of Dolph Overton at his facility at the Johnston County Airport (KJNX) near Smithfield in North Carolina. Wings went to Vicksburg, Michigan to Maurice Hovius in Nov. 98 for structural work and re-skinning. (Mr. Hovius has proper dies for forming Tri-Motor skins.) Registered 5/3/94 per AIRPAC Plane cd. Wing repair has progressed well. New skins are going on both wings. As of 9 Aug. 2001 the fuselage and center section have been moved to Goldsboro and the plane is on the gear. Picture at Yahoo (click at bottom).
    8/24/02. It has been reported that the center engine has been installed and the outboard engines will soon follow. In a novel method of installing the center engine the main gear was removed and the fuselage allowed to rest on its belly to facilitate installation of the engine.
    11/14/02. In an email to the Ford Tri-Motor Yahoo group Will Auen reported steady progress on the restoration. Photos were in the email and may be viewed at the Yahoo Ford Group. All three engines and collectors are installed, tail feathers are on, the control cables have been run, and the cockpit is nearing completion. The cockpit work and control wheels looked especially nice.
    Word received from Will Auen on May, 18, 2003 indicates that much progress is being made. They have pictures of cabin interiors and have located a number of interior furnishings including a toilet, two sinks, one of which is in a wooden cabinet of perhaps questionable authenticity. (It has spring hinges, not too common in the 1920s).

    As of July 28, 2005, it was reported from several sources that 9612 has the wings installed and has run all three engines. One source indicates it is now for sale; however, it is uncertain if it is intended to be flown or will go directly to a museum. Stay tuned!

    Sunday, Nov. 13, 2005. IT FLIES AGAIN!! After 4 1/2 years of arduous restoration work 9612 took to the air for a successful 20-minute test flight from Goldsboro-Wayne airport. It has since been flown to Richmond, Virginia, where it will be displayed for about two months in cooperation with the Virginia Aviation Museum where the fuselage hung from the ceiling until the move to Goldsboro. Rumor has it that the plane may be for sale.

    Mike Oniffrey has provided us with some excellent photos of the plane in flight and on the ground. These may be viewed by clicking on each of these in sequence: 1. Overhead. 2. Side View. 3. Three-quarter. 4. Fueling. 5. #1 Engine. 6. Defueling station. (No, that's not kitty litter - it's ballast).

    N9612 was in the Virginia Aviation Museum on Dec. 10, 2005. The writer took the following pictures which show the wonderful attention to detail in the restoration. Click on each of the following to look at: The Front Office; Pilot's view of cabin; Cabin, looking forward; Back in VA Aviation Museum.

    As of March 8, 2006, this airplane went on the auction block at eBay. You can "buy it now" for only $5 million; however, I suspect the hold-back price may be somewhat less than that. Take your best shot! To see it go to eBay then look for and click on "aircraft".

    As of May 27, 2008 the airplane was at the Dinwiddie Airport near Petersburg, VA. It may only be viewed by appointment. Present plan is for it to be auctioned off at the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Event, January 2009 in Scottsdale, AZ. I give here the auctioneer information in case you want to get a jump on the herd: Scott G. Oglesby, AARE United Country - Oglesby & Company Auctioneers. 215 East Main Street, Bartow, FL 33830. 863-533-7900 Office. 863-533-7911 Fax. 863-581-9306 Cell.
    This is an absolutely beautiful restoration, shown in great detail at: Give yourself a treat and look at this site even if all you can do is to look at the pictures and salivate. Be sure and click on the (More photos) link.

    Barrett-Jackson Auction Company will be auctioning off this Ford January 11-18, 2009 in Scottsdale, AZ, along with their usual assortment of rare and sought-after classic cars. The airplane left its temporary home in Petersburg, VA, and was flown to Goldsboro, NC, where it was received by owner Dolph Overton III, a Korean war ace. Dolph's son, D.O. IV was backup to airshow pilot Jimmy Leeward on the flight.

    Info received from Greg Herrick is that this airplane went at auction for $1,210,000 ($1.1 + 10% buyers premium). Buyer was Mr. Ron Pratte who, while not a pilot, is a collector of rare cars and airplanes. Airplanes include a Spartan Executive, P-51 Mustang, Bearcat, and now a Ford Tri-Motor. Mr. Pratte lives in Chandler, Arizona, and has most of his collection at Chandler Stellar Air Park (P19).

    A video of the Ford action can be seen at this Web link: Auction

  7. 58-N9642-4ATE-Jan. 1929-Mohawk Airways, NY-Owned by Kal Aero, MI. Possible rebuild. Sale reported. 12207 Sprinkle Ave, Vicksburg, MI Registered 12/31/99 (?) per AIRPAK Plane cd.

  8. 62-N8400-4ATE-same as N9642. Reported registered 12/31/99 per AIRPAK Plane cd.

  9. 65-N8403-4ATE-May 1929-Mamer Flying Service-Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum. Possible restoration.(Not in FAA records). 1/13/04 Just received this picture from A/C history researcher Rudi Leeuw showing the aircraft fuselage.
    Recent word received from Greg Herrick is as follows: "Ptarmigan II, Ford Tri-motor 4-AT-65; NC-8403; 4-AT-E, arrived in Minneaoplis Thursday, February 10th, 2005 from Anchorage. It's first flight was July 10, 1929 and it's last was October 26, 1934 in Flat, Alaska. It's been a while since it was last parked in a hanger!"
    As of this date (2/24/05) its fate has not been determined but at least it is stateside and indoors. Who needs a project?

  10. 69-N8407-4ATE-1929-Eastern Air Transport-EAA Aviation Foundation (Museum), Oshkosh. Rides offered. Registered 9/6/73 per AIRPAK Plane cd.
    8/24/02. Photo. 10/9/02. Another great photo courtesy of Bob Westinicky. Bob flew in this airplane from a grass strip in Wisconsin in (about) 1971. The photo was scanned from a postcard that his dad had kept pinned over his workbench for many years. Photo. This info received (3/26/03)from Adam Smith, Director of the EAA AirVenture Museum. First a site that leads to a history page about the Ford. Next he points us to a site with details of Pioneer Airport where N8407 flies regularly. And to keep you up to date on where the Ford and other EAA airplanes are touring go to the calendar.
    Another great Robert Burns photo. Makes you wanta get in and go!

    On 11 April 2008 Dean Bird provides the summer tour for the airplane as it travels among about 6 mid-western states. Right-hand pilot's seat goes for $100, passenger seat for $50. Inflation is here since as recently as 1991 these seats cost $30/$20 respectively.

    Dean Bird reports, as of 20 April 2008, that this airplane will appear in the movie "Public Enemies" featuring Johnny Depp as Dilinger. The flight scenes will be shot in Wisconsin with the airplane repainted with American Airways colors. The Chicago skyline will be added by computer. The movie is set for release in July of 2009.

    As of 6 April 2011 Dean provided the following info: NC8407 will be on tour May through July in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan. Check out Fly the Ford for details. He states that N414H is still giving rides and type certification. (See #18 below).

    As of 12 Aug. 2011 Dean Bird furnished this schedule: Rockford, Il- 25-28 Aug., Burlington, Iowa 29 Aug., Iowa City Iowa 1-5 Sept., Lee's Sumitt Mo. 7-11 Sept.

    Don't miss one of these chances for flying in a Ford this summer.

  11. 8-N9645-5ATB-1929-Evergreen Vintage Aircraft, Inc., McMinnville, OR. Flys at airshows. A fine restoration. Registered 4/22/99 per AIRPAC Plane cd. This Ford was once taken to Mexico and re-skinned with smooth alclad thus gaining it the name of the "smooth skin" Ford. It now has the original corrugated skin. To see great photos of this still active Ford (and photos of their new museum under construction) go to: Home of the BIG Goose. The museum will also house the famous "Spruce Goose" which was moved there from Los Angeles. Word from Evergreen (3/13/01) is that the airplane is at the Portland Airport being readied for its summer schedule. That schedule will appear on Evergreen's site when available. We'll try to let you know when that is. As of 8/1/01 unconfirmed report is that the Ford has been retired to museum status and may not fly again.
    This quote received (11/29/02) from Ron Weil at Evergreen: "She is still in flying condition, passed her annual last summer and made a flight down to Las Vegas for a convention. Her nose points directly at the 2nd oldest surviving DC-3 which is also in flying condition. Evergreen now has over 30 aircraft on display including a P-51D, P-38J, FG-1Corsair, TBM-3 Avenger, P-40N Warhawk, all annualed and in flying condition. Our Spitfire MK XVI and Bf-109G (with Daimler-Benz engine) are no longer flown because, after all, who wants to break something that rare? We have over 30 aircraft now on display, many in flying condition, and are now assembling an SR-71 Blackbird which will sit next to the "Spruce Goose". We ain't gonna fly either one of those birds either." (Thanks for the update, Ron). Photo.

  12. 11-N9637-5ATB-1929-Pan Am-Restoration complete @ San Diego Aero Space Museum. Word received 27 March 2001 from Tony Beres, Curator, is that the airplane is now mounted on a pedestal for display at the museum. The restoration work as seen by this author is superb. (FAA records indicate approval to show compliance with FAR) Has experimental airworthiness cert. Was once at Wings and Wheels, Santee, SC. Registered 2/1/91 per AIRPAC Plane cd. Information received 1/9/03 from John Seibold supplied these bits of history. John bought this airplane in 1975 from Dolph Overton's "Wings and Wheels". It became a bicentennial project and was restored by Scenic Airways. Scenic's sister company, Grand Canyon Airlines, used it to fly passengers between the Grand Canyon's South Rim and the North Rim VT airstrip during the summer of 1976. A few years later it was severely damaged by a windstorm in Las Vagas. Shortly thereafter Mr. Siebold donated the airplane to the San Diego Aerospace Museum where they did a magnificent job of restoring it over a period of ten years. It is now on display there. In an email dated 5 Dec. 2003 Bob Westinicky contributed several pictures, one of which graced the cover of the November 1977 issue of "Arizona Highways". We would not like to lose even one engine in this location. Photo. (note: N9637 aka N76GC et al). Mr. Siebold presently owns N414H (see below).

  13. 13-N9667-5ATB-1929 (aka AN-AAR-A Restoration Project undertaken by the "Tin Goose Chapter", EAA 1247, in Port Clinton, Ohio. Word received from Bill Larkins and others indicates that this airplane will be rebuilt from major components retrieved from Nicaragua, plus other components which have been in storage. The project is owned by Maurice Hovius. Acording to Mr. Larkins this airplane was built for SAFEWAY and went from them to American Airways and later American Airlines. It was sold to TACA Honduras and eventually wound up with TACA Nicaragua as AN-AAR.
    These photos, taken by Lee Fray when the airplane fuselage arrived at EAA Hq., were provided courtesy of Bill Larkins.
    This information is somewhat preliminary and is subject to correction as additional information becomes available to me. Suffice to say this is EXCITING news in that another Ford may be added to the present fleet.
    Dave Hirt Secretary EAA 1247 reports their EAA Ford Tri-motor Chapter 1247 has reached a milestone in the construction of the plane in Port Clinton. The old frame we copied to build the new one will be leaving on Monday, May 7, 2007 as it is no longer needed. We have completed as much of the construction, gained as much of the information that contains, and built as much as we can to the point that it will be returning to it's owner, Hove Aire, in Vicksburg Michigan. He will be bringing with him the fixture necessary to build the wings so we can continue our progress. Work nights are every Monday evenings from 7pm to 10+. The new fuselage still rests in the jig and will be staying here as it needs to be skinned with corrugated aluminum. Some skin has already been delivered as well as other parts.

    With the addition of this airplane we are now tracking 18 Fords, roughly split among museums, rebuilding, or flying.

    June 20, 2008. Here is the URL for the website covering the restoration: Gives background of the airplane. Lots of photos and a record of the rebuild.

    The January 2011 issue of "Sport Aviation" has a great article (p.78) about this A/C telling in detail how the project is progressing. There are requests for many parts and tools being sought as well as an opportunity for you to help financially. Great pictures.

    As of April 6, 2011, Dave Hirt reports that the port skin is inatalled and that they are about done building spars. Dave also sent the following: "A milestone was reached in Port Clinton today. The 5AT-40 we have been working on has had a birthday. It first flew on April 9, 1929 and that makes her 82 years old. The photos are of the original skin for around the door. It says "Companie Cubana Aviacion" Hence it was always known as the Cuban when it flew here (1946-1952) Sorry for the poor quality of the photo as it was painted in royal blue and then painted silver over it. Silver starting to come off now."

    This message and the photo below were received from Earle Aker on June 14, 2011. Great progress on this restoration. (See other photos above). Thanks, Earle.

  14. 34N9651-5ATB-1929-Trans Continental Air Transport-Sold by I Perlitch, CA, to Kermit Weeks, Polk City, FL. (1992). Used in movie "Temple of Doom". Registered 10/20/93 per AIRPAC Plane cd. This airplane is now in the excellent "Fantasy of Flight" museum at Polk City.

  15. 39-N9683-5ATB-1929-American Airlines-Air and Space Museum, D.C. Registered 12/10/73 per AIRPAC Plane cd. 1/17/03. Through the courtesy of Bill Larkins, author of "The Ford-Tri-Motor", we present this Photo. of 9683 with one of its larger cousins. The photo itself is from an American Airlines PR brochure. But the big airplane has its engines on the wrong end!

  16. 58-N8419-5ATC-1929-Northwest Airlines-Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum Inc. Kalamazoo, MI. Has standard and restricted airworthiness cert. Rides were available at $45 and worth every penny; however, they have been suspended. Some wing structure corrosion has been noted and may require major repairs.
    Keith Laird (father was a friend of the famous Noel Wien) writes that the true "bones" of 8419 still reside in a ditch at the end of a Forest Service strip in Idaho. According to the Larkin book it was in an accident that killed three smoke jumpers and one non-pilot crew member. Perhaps the placard was removed and installed on the present N8419 as is often done during a rebuild. Registered 3/5/92 per AIRPAC Plane cd. Jerry Pahl reports (April 21, 2000) from the Air Zoo that most of 8419 is newly manufactured although enough of the original aircraft is retained to give it authenticty. The engines, while from the same era, are from BT-13s and a C-45.
    Word from Ford pilot Capt. Dick Ward (as of 11/05/01) was that the aircraft had its insurance problems resolved and resumed flying passengers throughout the late fall.
    Word received 3 June 2002 is that N8419 will not be flying for some time while some wing corrosion is evaluated.
    8/24/02. This plane was seen by this writer in August of 2002 in the Air Zoo's restoration shops. If you go there ask about guided tours to the restoration shops.
    Per Lucas Locke on Nov. 30, 2006 Three Point Aviation LLC in Alma (KAMN) has the Kalamazoo Air Zoo's Tri Motor. Hov-Aire completed the new wing center section and it has been installed on the fuselage. The plan is to put the engines and landing gear back on, and complete as much as possible before putting the wings back on. When things get started they hope have some volunteers help with the work and the goal is to have the plane flying in 2008 if not sooner.
    Some news (2/29/08)from Larry Blyly is that the airplane has been moved to Alma, Michigan, possibly in connection with a Highland Festival there on May 23-25, 2008. Larry may attend that and hopefully can update us on the location and status of the airplane.
    In a blog on the Ford Yahoo Group it was reported by "excitedvulcan" that on Tuesday, August 25, 2009 (see N8419 flew again for the first tme in about 7 years. If you go to that address you will see a video of this flight as well as a lot of still picture showing the steps that made this flight possible.
    Flight Photo.

  17. 60-RAAF 5ATC-1929-Ford Motor Co. in England-National Museum, Papua, New Guinea. Possible rebuild.(Not in FAA records)

  18. 74-N414H-5ATC-1929-Ford Motor Co.-Twin Otter International Ltd, North Las Vegas. Was once on floats. No longer taking Grand Canyon Tours. In several movies. Used for type ratings. Has standard airworthiness cert. Currently 5-AT-74 is owned by Scenic Airways president John Seibold and is presently on loan to The Air Museum Planes of Fame. 5-AT-74 can usually be seen at the museum's satellite museum in Valle, Arizona. Registered 10/28/85 per AIRPAC Plane cd. Photo. 1/16/03 This Photo courtesy of Bill Larkins, author of "The Ford Tri-Motor". The photo was taken by him. The information which follows was received from John Siebold on 1/9/03. Mr. Siebold purchased the airplane from Chuck LeMaster in Kansas a couple of years before his N9637 was damaged in a windstorm. For a while, he had both flying around the skies of Las Vegas promoting the city and their Grand Canyon Sightseeing airline, Scenic Airlines. It is still licensed and flying and resides at the Planes of Fame Museum at Grand Valle Airport (40G). Bernie Godlove, at one time was senior pilot #1 system wide for United Airlines, had over 1000 hrs flying N414H; many United captains obtained their type ratings in the Ford from Bernie. Currently, his son Bryan, also a United captain, my son Scott and Steve Hinton Pres., Planes of Fame, are the only pilots flying it. 1/20/03 Mr. Siebold just supplied us with this new Photo of N414H in all its Scenic Airways glory, rainbow and all.
    As of Nov. 22, 2003 Ford pilot John Dillon reports that following the succesful completion of 2003 National Air Tour, plus other passenger-flying activities, N414H has been put on temporary static display at the Commemorative Air Force Museum, Arizona Wing, at Falcon Field, Mesa, Arizona. Photo From Bob Westinicky.

    This great in-flight photo received 1/9/05.

    9/13/05.Another great Robert Burns photo.

    I recently learned, courtesy of Bill Larkins, of this great site promoting Grand Canyon Airlines and giving space to this Ford Tri-Motor. To go there click here.

    John Dillon sends word that N414H will leave Grand Canyon Valle Airport (40G)on July 26, 2008, enroute to Oshkosh, stopping on the way at Salina KS. Hopefully they will be resistered with FindMeSpotGPS ( (Note: This is a great new site brought to our attention by Dean Bird, which allows us to follow progress hour-by-hour). At Oshkosh info will be available regarding working on your type rating.

    These aircraft believed flyable

    N9612 was painted up as the "City of Los Angeles" by TWA (Now 12/10/05 bears the name "City of Richmond")and flown extensively in celebration of the 20th anniversary of their first transcontinental flight (celebration in July of 1949)

    Notes: S/Ns were repeated from 1 when 5AT went into production; however, 4ATs and 5ATs were co-mingled on the production line, meaning that some 5ATs were older than some 4ATs.

    The Bushmaster.

    There are two Bushmasters in existence. This aircraft was a Stout-redesigned Ford 5ATD. First one (N7501V) owned by Jerry Brown, Louisville, KS flew approx mid 1965. That A/C was at Owl's Head Trans. Museum in Maine. For some unknown reason they painted Ford on the tail but it is not a Ford. It was later in Olathe, Kan., at the New Century Airport and piloted by Chris Grotewohl. As of April 23, 2001 it was based at Pasa Roblas Airport in California. There are lots of photos of it (plus lots of photos of turbine DC-3s)at Chris's site. Chris has a great secondary activity playing and recording Celtic music. He also gives tail-dragger instruction in the Kansas City area in the PA-18 Super Cub and in the 7AC Champion. On 3/26/03 Chris told us that this airplane has been sold to Greg Herrick and will be flown to Minnesota in the next several weeks.

    Bushmaster N750RW lost in accident during takeoff from Fullerton, CA, on 25 September 2004.
    Pilot and passenger badly injured. For details see our Bushmaster site.

    That site will also try to keep you updated on the condition of the two men in the plane. Most severely injured, Tony Albanese, has his own website which details his progress. After over a year he remains a paraplegic and has been in and out of hospitals as he works on his recovery. To go directly to Tony's site please see Friends of Tony . Findings on the crash have not been released as of Jan. 4, 2006.

    The second one, Buffy, (N750RW), owned by R.R. Fuchs, Cahokia, Ill, was FAA-certified in 1984. Per word received from Bud Fuchs (16 June 99) and Bill Larkins (12 Dec.1999) it is presently in Southern California and conducting tours around Catalina, the Island of Romance. Don't miss this big opportunity if you get out that way! A further note on Buff is that she has rebuilt engines from Tulsa Air Craft Engines, new instruments, a new interior, and is painted in the traditional Catalina Gold-and-Black (Yea, Purdue for that!)
    There is a good website with nice pictures and complete details on their operation.

    6 Dec. 2003. Wanna own a Tri-Motor? Buffy is for sale on eBay. Click here. If you can get past the fact that it is being offered as a bonafide FORD Tri-Motor there are lots of good pictures. So far bids are at $500,000 but you can buy it now for a cool $1,650,000. The hold-back price is not made available. This info reached us courtesy of Bob Westinicky.

    Word in (13 Dec. 2003) is that the airplane sold at the "Buy Now" price of $1,650,000. I am not aware of who the buyer is; however, his eBay buyer name was rickyheinzen. Soon as I find out the name it will be published here.

    7 Jan. 04. Well, I thought I had it right! Turns out that the report that it had sold on eBay was a bit premature as someone had hit the "buy now" button inadvertently with no intention of buying N750RW. So you can still buy Buffy. As to how long it will stay on eBay I do not know. This info comes from Bob Rogers whom Bud Fuchs calls the airplane's Godfather. Bob also reports that Bud, present owner, has bought a BOAT and is planning a move to Florida and the Caribbean. Bob says that since Bud is particular about his airplanes this one should be in good shape. So if you hanker to ride behind 3 fans this one is for you!

    Sept. 17, 2007. This great news received from Bob Hayden of California and I quote "Have purchased 750RW, third fuselage and manufacturing data rebuild to be preformed at our facility in Orange Ca.

    Will keep you informed. Bob Hayden (Hayden Aircraft Corp.)"
    Bob's Website is:

    Looks like we may double the number of Bushmasters in existence!

    A New Site Featuring Stories and Pictures from Bushmaster Pilots. (click here)

    Stinson Tri-Motors.

    NC11170, a 1931 Stinson Tri-Motor once owned by Charles Andreas, Neenah, WI, has a standard airworthiness cert. It now belongs to Kermit Weeks of "Fantasy of Flight". in Florida.
    Mr. Herrick also owns another high-wing Stinson Tri-Motor and the only low-wing Tri-Motor Stinson remaining, a Model "A". (see his collection at 1 above, click on "here")

    b>N-15165 This word received 10 Nov. 04 from Greg Herrick: "FYI, We flew the Stinson A, the only surviving low wing Stinson Tri-motor for the first time yesterday after a major multi-year restoration (it last flew in 1998). The test flight was conducted by John Mohr with Jim Obowa as co-pilot. Dan White, Craig Schiller and myself flew in the chase plane. The flight went well. John said it was very stable, and in perfect rig. He did a stall, which occurred at about 60 mph and reported it was very docile and basically broke straight ahead. Without pushing it the ship was cruising along at 140 mph. It was just beautiful to see it flying again. This aircraft was built in 1936. It was one of 16 which was initially sold to American Airlines (3 went to Delta Airlines). Approximately 35 were built in total. This ship has had an exciting history, not the least of which was itís rescue from a raging forest fire in Alaska. This interesting story is told by Doug Lutz, one of the fire crew sent to save the plane. The story may be found here:
    We will be sharing more about this exciting aircraft in the coming months. Best, Greg"

    For a nice photo of this airplane click here..

    Click to subscribe to FordTriMotor

    For some neat photos of very early military/civilian aircraft (circa 1915) please visit my FitzFotos site which shows pictures scanned from my father-in-law's album of 1920.

    I seldom list airplane websites (too many lists now) but this one you will really enjoy.

    Try this new one from Bill Larkins (The Ford Tri-Motor). The Ford pictures are part of a larger site that shows some 1000 pictures of many different airplanes. If you select to see them as a slide show you can just start it going and then sit back to relax and see LOTS of different pictures. You can pause at each picture or set the timing for the slide show.

    All The Airplanes in the World! This very interesting site lists, and shows photographs of, any airplane you can think of and hundreds more that you never heard of. A good way to spend an entertaining evening trying to think of one that is not pictured.

    This takes you to the Virginia Aviation Museum where I was active for many years. They have one of the greatest displays of "Golden Age" vintage airplanes that you will ever see.

    I thought long and hard before including this item on a page devoted to flying; I am 83, the same age as N7584, so I decided to do so. I suspect that many of the Ford page readers are also a bit "elderly" as we like to say and could benefit from this information as I have personally. The subject is Incontinence ! Hey, come back here! (Don't read this if it does not pertain.)
    Also, this is not a commercial although I hope it has that effect. As the result of surgery I go through episodes of being incontinent and, if you do also, you know what I'm talking about. If you're not, read no further.
    In Richmond, my home town, the newspaper featured a product invented here and being sold in the area. The review was so good that I looked into it and soon bought the necessary components. It is now available worldwide by mail order and is in many stores here. Most components are Medicare elligible. If you want to learn all about it check their website. It has been of great help to me.
    I won't go into any details but if you want to talk after reading about it send me an email and I will send you my phone number. Don't be bashful. As you can see I am not.

    Sources for this information include:

    • Capt. Al Chaney, former owner and pilot of N7584, Hebron, Ohio
    • Profile Publications #156, THE FORD TRI-MOTOR (England)
    • FAA FSDO, Richmond, Va.
    • FAA Registration records as provided by AVweb and Landings.
    • The Wm. Larkins book, THE FORD TRI-MOTOR, republished in 1992 by the Schiffer Publishing Co. (This book is a MUST for anyone interested in the old Fords) Find it at: Schiffer Publishing, 4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310. Telephone: 610/593-1777. e-mail; or; or; or
    • Big plug here for EAA. They also sell Larkins' book (see above). In addition they also list a vintage aircraft necktie featuring the Ford, plus a Ryan ST, a Stagger Wing Beech, an early Boeing, and, I think, a Taper Wing Waco. I received one for Christmas in 2002 and it is great. (And, no, EAA did not supply it for free!).

    No, I don't spend all my time on the computer. Sometimes this old guy just has to go up, up, and away. Take a look at what I did on my 80th.

    Skydive anyone? And don't miss the video.

    And Finally, What You Have All Been Eagerly Waiting For - My Blog!

    Which can be found at: The World According to Art.

    (Just click here, then when first posting appears click on "Search This Blog" at page top to get a list of other postings. Select one, then click on it.)

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    As noted above I have passed my 83rd. and have no idea how much longer I will be able to keep up this site. I have gathered together a lot of information on the remaining Fords and would really like to keep this site going. I would like to hear from any Ford afficionado who might be willing to take it over. I would cooperate in transferring all my files and photos to that person. Email if you have any interest.

    I have received several offers and for that I thnk you. I just can't bring myself to let loose of the reins but I will soon.

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